A Necessary Evil

There you sit, scrolling through Facebook, watching one funny cat video after the next and then- boom! The Facebook app closes, goes dark, and the waiting game begins. You know what this means— Facebook is updating AGAIN. Queue the internal groans. Will it be good? Will it be bad? Only time will tell. I think we are all too familiar with the frustrating process of learning the new icons, figuring out the new layout, and searching for the notification that popped up 5 seconds ago but you that haven’t actually found yet. Why does Facebook do this to us? An excellent question that I am here to answer. Rebranding can sometimes be considered a necessary evil in order for brands to stay relevant a

Social Media Posts from an Art Major’s Perspective

Being an (almost) art graduate of Mississippi College, I find myself subconsciously judging the aesthetics of posts, design work, and lots more things. The thing is, I was never a Graphic Design or Marketing major. I was a Studio Art major. Pretty much painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, things like that. I did take a required class, "Intro to Graphic Software," where I learned the basics of Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator…but I never took any classes on how to actually design graphic templates for businesses, how to design a website, how to market my work, etc. Essentially, I’ve been learning as-I-go how to market and advertise for clients. What I learned in my studio cl

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