Wait a sec...there was HOMEWORK?

As a full-time student at MC (and an art major at that), I’ve found it pretty hard to balance both my work as a social media coordinator (and newspaper photographer) with my classes at MC. Both are absolutely independent of one another. School has due dates, deadlines, projects, artworks, resumés, and the works. Work has, well... all the same stuff but in a different setting. And the hardest thing isn’t scheduling around the other—it’s the amount of time I need to dedicate to each, and finding that time in 24 hours to do it. But by learning how to manage my time differently, I’m learning what I do prioritize, and what I need to prioritize. In a sense, having too many priorities can help you

Hello, What’s Your Problem?

So… I was tasked with writing a blog entry for Mansell Media. First reaction… a cautious “OKaaaaayyyy…” I don’t mind writing an entry. After the initial seizure of fear wore off, I realized that it was something that I kind of wanted to do anyway. It’s a means to get a point across and for the rare occasion to get something off your chest – tactfully, of course. Then, here comes the second wave of uncertainty… Just what the heck am I going to blog about? There was a suggestion made to just introduce myself. Cue the next cautious “OKaaaaayyyy…” “My name is Karen and I like cats.” Immediately flashbacks from elementary school of having to go around the room, introducing yourself, telling some

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