3 Reasons #Hashtags are Important in Marketing Your Business.

When it comes to the potential reach of your ideal target audience through social media marketing, the sky is the limit! Many people utilize social media marketing by paying for ads and serving them specifically to the audience they are wanting to engage with, which is an effective and necessary step, might I add! However, there are also free ways to reach your current customers and future customers. One of those ways is the #hashtag (ya like what I did there?)! I am about to share the top 3 reasons why #hashtags are so vital in marketing on social media. 1. #Hashtags help reach your business’s ideal target audience. When your business wants to target a message to a specific group, using

Why Live Chat is Beneficial to Business Websites

You don’t have to have a degree in marketing to understand that great customer service is crucial to the success of your business, especially long term. Your current customers will be your personal advocates and help grow your client base on your behalf for FREE! But what exactly is a great customer service experience? It’s basically when YOU, the business, accommodates every need of your current and future customers before and after they make a purchase. This involves answering all questions, comments, and concerns of the customer, even if you think they have obvious answers. It is crucial that the customer feels listened to and that their questions and concerns matter. One way, you can cre

3 Basic Steps to Taking Product Photos

1. Choose a Clean Background There are many different backgrounds you can use for taking product photos. Some may use an actual backdrop, a roll of paper, or as I sometimes do, a basic white foam board. You can find a white foam board at your local arts & craft store. There are also a lot of options on Amazon which can be used such as small light boxes! The space you use for your photo will mainly depend on the size of your product and the type of background you want. The less clutter the better, this is why I usually opt for a clean white background. However, lot of the time you might have to improvise. Picture #4 above was taken with a light box purchased off of Amazon! The rest were all

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