The Truth on Facebook as it Stands Today

You have probably heard on the news that Facebook is struggling. People are deleting Facebook. Those statements are simply 100% untrue. I wanted to walk you thru the recent numbers that tell the true story. On Tuesday, (4-24-18) Facebook released its first quarter numbers. They are impressive. The number of people who log into Facebook at least once a month hit 2.2 Billion as of March 31st. That is a 13% increase over a year ago. That represent growth of 70 million new active user in the last 3 months despite the rumors and even the #deletefacebook movement! People who visit the service every day also rose 13% to 1.45 billion people. So, 66% of Facebook's monthly active users go

Giving Your Audience Inside Feed

Whether you're a law firm, dentist office, clothing boutique, or government office, your audience wants to know what is going on in your office. They want to know what you're doing or working on when they're not in your office or in the spotlight of the media. People want to be in the know of it all, whether it interest them or not. The people want transparency, and they want it to be one click away. So what is transparency? It is the lack of hidden agendas or conditions, accompanied by the availability of full information required for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making.So now you're asking yourself , "how can you become transparent to your customers, clients, or cit

Working at Mansell Media

Hello, everyone! I'm Brittany Chisholm, and I've been with Mansell Media for about 6 months now. I do a lot of different things for Mansell Media, but I am mainly a social media manager. On a typical day, you might find me posting to my social media accounts, creating e-mail campaigns, updating the content on a website, or even doing office work. Before coming to Mansell Media, I owned two online businesses and studied chemistry in college. I actually never expected to work for Mansell Media, it just happened. I'm so excited to be apart of such an awesome team! Work is challenging and everyday I am learning something new! In the blogs that follow, I hope to talk about something new or intere

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