I Saw Design and It Opened Up My Eyes

Hello! My name is Hunter Walker, and I have been a Graphic Designer at Mansell Media for over a year now. I am actually attending classes at Mississippi College right now, but I wanted to tell the story about how I came to the conclusion that I wanted to pursue Graphic Design as my career. Before I became the amazing designer I am today (pause for laughter), I was just a slacker college kid. I didn’t decide on Graphic Design as a major until right before I graduated high school. Up until that point, I considered History, Film, Architecture, and much more. It wasn’t until my mother, who majored in Graphic Design at a community college, exclaimed, “Don’t any of my children want to be designers

Tips to Know About Typography

Hey Everyone, I'm Megan Smith and I have been apart of Mansell Media for over 3 years now as one of their Graphic Designers and as a Social Media Manager, I love making something simple into something incredible. I am a problem solver at heart and strive to deliver the most effective solutions to the highest of standards. Today I wanted to share with you some helpful tips to know about Typography. To start off Typography is more than just typing words onto a piece of paper. When being a graphic designer just ONE WORD can make a huge difference, this is when you can make something simple into something super creative and make it stand out. Here are my 8 helpful tips: 1. Learn the Basics - It'

Welcome to Our Blog

This is our first blog post of a weekly series we are starting. Each Mansell Media team member will share with you something that is happening in their world of marketing. Carrie will be writing a blog as Art Director. Hunter and Megan will be filling you in on the latest in the world of graphic design. Kyoshi will be putting her Mississippi College degree to good use and updating us on the world of Public Relations and will discuss what is going on with PRAM. Lindsey will be blogging on photography and/or graphic design. Brittany B will fill us in on the latest marketing trends. I am most excited to see what Brittany C talks about. She fills so many roles! An interesting blog for her

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